Revealing ecolonomic projects and territories*

(*) For a real balance between economic, environmental and societal issues. 

Don’t wait for change, stay one step ahead

T³ is the first consultancy to work with public and private operators (in retail and real estate) which want to develop “ecolonomic” projects and territories.

In view of the radical changes our society is currently experiencing, it is vital to better predict the economic, societal and environmental impact of any urban, commercial or territorial project.

For investors, this means less risk, shorter lead times and more reliable returns.
For the public, this means more support among residents and better integrated projects within the territory.

At T3, The Third Territory

we believe in being proactive, encouraging you to look ahead and become an active player in the transformation of our communities.

We are responsible and ambitious and focus on coherent and interdisciplinary development in the long term. We are committed to excellence.

The world without a vision

  • Incoherence of mono-functional neighbourhoods
  • Dehumanised office hubs
  • Isolated residential developments and commuter towns
  • Explosion of e-commerce and decline of retail, emergence of commercial wastelands
  • Destruction and reconstruction (creative destruction)
  • Silo approach to territories – Disjointed cities

Our vision of the world

  • Multifunctionality
  • Intelligent densification, especially of undeveloped land and wastelands
  • Encouraging renovation (creative transformation)
  • User needs prioritised by means of a participatory approach
  • Holistic approach to territories
  • Fifteen-minute cities

Dual expertise

To achieve your objectives, The Third Territory brings together the strengths and expertise of two complementary and independent business units:

Strategic consultancy for the public sector, specialising in the management and development of territories.

Strategic geomarketing consultancy for private operators, specialising in retail and real estate.

Our synergies make it possible to :

Build bridges between the public and private sectors

Although these sectors are often seen as being in competition, they have shared interests and the same goals: developing appealing and sustainable projects and territories.

Cementing the indivisible link between projects and territories

Every project is part of a territory; similarly, every territory needs projects to develop. We provide territories and projects with added value with our interdisciplinary strategic approach, collective intelligence and a wide-ranging focus on sustainability.


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At your service

Our teams are at your service. Close-knit, proactive and dedicated teams. To better support you in your challenges.

François HonoreCEO, The Third Territory

Camille LhoteDirector, Upcity

Tancrède CataldoDirector, Geoconsulting

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